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Dyslexia Genius organized a Webinar on 9th October 2021 inconjuction with October as Dyslexia month..Webinar was attended by over 115 parents of Dyslexia Genius..webinar focused on the children therapy progress, the details of SPTBiD program that is in use at all DG centers, activities organized by DG, as well as online learning and activities during this Covid19 pandemic.

All participants stayed online until the end, started with welcome words from Puan Sariah Amirin AMW PPN who is DG Advisor, En Jaldeen Ali Founder of DG centers, Pn Bulan Ayu DG Program Director was the speaker of the Webinar, provided detailed of the SPTBiD program, our DG Youth Program, as well as activites participated by DG students during the course of the therapy.

A very fruitful Q&A session, during which parents questions abt dyslexia, the program flowchart and procedures, what to expect during the course of the therapy, leave of absence from schools under KPM to attend therapy at DG centers, children progress, zakat’s help for payment of therapy and many more.. were given detailed explanation and clarification by our panel of experts in SPTBiD program.Ended with doorprizes draw..which winners won household products, personal items and building blocks for their kids.Webinar was a great success and parents expressed their appreciation of the topics and videos presented in the Webinar.

We, the management and staff of Dyslexia Genius expressed our appreciation to all parents who took sometime from their Saturday to join the Webinar, and we also extend our thank you to all parents for all your understanding of their child’s difficulties, for your continued support for SPTBiD program and Dyslexia Genius program and activities.

Early diagnosis and the right intervention program is the key to unlock your child’s true potential.

For parents out there please visit our website at www.dyslexiageniusmalaysia.com for further information and www.sptbid.com about the program that is being used for over 20 over years with positive results and success at Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia as well as Dyslexia Genius Malaysia centers..

“If you can read this..help someone who can’t”

Know Dyslexia…Understand Dyslexia & Love Dyslexia…

Dyslexic Today….Genius Tomorrow…Dyslexia Genius ❤️

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