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Bulan Ayu, Program Director of Dyslexia Genius Malaysia in cooperation with LKM-Hilaris Education Institution and Edu. Consultant in organizing an Education Webinar on Saturday, October 23, 2021. More than 140 participants consisting of parents, school principals, teachers and media from Malaysia and Indonesia attended.

The theme of this Educational Webinar is “Detecting Causes of Decreased Learning/Cognitive Achievement in Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The series of webinar events began with remarks by Dr. Debby Andriany, SE., MM. as the founder of LKM-Hilaris Education Institution and Edu. Consultant, followed by the presentation of material about the causes of the decline in student achievement, especially regarding the problem of dyslexia by Bulan Ayu, as Program Director of Dyslexia Genius Malaysia, and closed with the distribution of attractive door prizes for participants who participated until the end of the event.

This webinar was held in order to Celebrate World Dyslexia Month and at the same time aims to increase Indonesian public awareness of the existence of learning disorders in children, especially Dyslexia. Bulan Ayu also introduced the SPTBiD Program which has succeeded in helping Dyslexia children in Malaysia in dealing with Dyslexia learning disorders.

The announcement of the STPBiD Program collaboration with Hilaris LKM, is the first positive step in our mission and vision to help dyslexia children in Indonesia to realize their true potential.
Please contact LKM-Hilaris Education Institution for a Dyslexia Screening Test if your child or student exhibits problems related to dyslexia.
Special thanks to Dr. Debby Andriany, SE., MM. & staff of LKM-Hilaris Education Institution, Mr. Arief Hardianto & Team from Edu. Consultant Indonesian, Sempana Alumni and our sponsors for their support in making this webinar a success.

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