Dyslexia Awareness Talks at Atria Shopping Mall

The 23rd of July 2022

Atria Shopping Mall, DamansaraAero Inspires, Atria Shopping Mall, Cuti-cuti Malaysia together with Dyslexia Genius Malaysia organized Dyslexia Awarenss Talk from “The Eyes of Dyslexia” and The Search of Atria Kids Fashion Runway 2nd Edition with the theme “Colours of Ethnics”

Attended by SPTBiD Program owner Pn Sariah Amirin AMW PPN, founder of all the sponsors of the event as well as parents and the public.DGM and other sponsors set up booth in the main concourse area to create awareness of Dyslexia and other learning learning disorders.

Event started with a cultural dance presentation by students of DG Titiwangsa centre with a dance piece mixing Malay, Chinese & Indian dance..

“Talk Show” from the eyes of dyslexia..where En Jaldeen Ali Founder of DGM talked about what is dyslexia and what inspired him to set up DGM. Followed by Pn Bulan Ayu Program Director of DGM touched about SPTBiD Program that have been used in DGM and in Msia successfully for over 23 years. Followed by Ms Haneesya Hanee a model & actress, Mr Adveen a model, actor & painter, and Ms Dina Safiyyah a painter..all 3 were ex-students of the SPTBiD Program, who talked about their experiences and advise to dyslexics & parents on not to give up and work hard…as they are just like any normal child but only the way they think and learn are different from others..

After the “Talk Show” the 3 ex-students came down from the stage to greet and show gratitude to Pn Sariah Amirin for her efforts and advise to the 3 ex-students which inspired them to work hard to be where they are now..tears of joy where shed, which saw students hugging and saying thanks to Pn Sariah..an emotional session…

The talk show was followed by a Modelling/Runway competition which saw the participation of 25 students from the DG Titiwangsa, Puchong & Shah Alam centers..students were competiting with other kids from various modeling agencies in 2 categories ages 4 to 10 years old and 11 to 14 years old. Proud to say that DGM’s students did very well and some of them managed to secure top 10 position ❤️👍 against other model who are already on the Modelling scene. This shows that dyslexics can compete at the same level as other kids..and some of them outshine their competitiors..

This competition was also to trained dyslexics to improve their confidence level, social skills and to show/prove that they have the ability to compete with others..and do well in the process..Congrats to all the winners..a job well done 👏❤️👍

The event was closed with singing performances from students of DG Shah Alam centre..awesome performance by them 👏👏👌❤️

Special thanks to Ms Rani who worked non-stopped preparing and organizing the event..our Sponsors Aero Inspires, Atria Shopping Mall, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia just to name a few..and not forgetting all the other sponsors…👏👍❤️We also extend our thank to parents who showed support for the event..and our hard working & dedicated teachers for training the students in preparation for this event 👏👍❤️

Dyslexics is only the different way they think, understand and learn..its an invisible difficuly but with the right intervention program..dyslexics can be as par and can compete with other kids..and do well…

All in all..a very successful event..great job everyone..👏👍❤️

“If you can read this..Please help someone who can’t”

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