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SPTBiD is a finely-structured literacy program that provides organized instructions to dyslexics and monitoring of dyslexic students. The program also comes with manipulatives, activities and games to support what students are learning. SPTBiD aims to improve reading comprehension by stressing the importance of a multisensory approach. The method involves breaking students into smaller groups and levels (beginner, intermediate and advance), providing instruction in fundamental subjects such as reading, composition and spelling. The method uses a technique known as “attribute reading” to encourage student participation and employs teaching materials/teaching aid including stories and images, which are culturally responsive, as dyslexics are known to be very visually strong. In other words, SPTBiD uses a dyslexics strengths to overcome their weaknesses. A SPTBiD trained teachers uses teaching modules, repeated reading, and progress monitoring (with weekly progress reports), and this enable to promote fluency skills, improve vocabulary, and strengthen reading comprehension.



SPTBiD also stresses essential skills such as phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, and decoding. Students work in a small group of 5 to 6 students, and the program features innovative learning supports, such as teaching materials or teaching aids that best suited for a particular child or a group of student.



Students undergoing SPTBiD program, begins by undergoing an extensive evaluation or assessment, known as Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment Test (DDAT) according to their age, in which strengths and weaknesses are identified. Using the information gleaned from this evaluation or assessment through a very comprehensive report, specialist teachers then design an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that specifically targets a child’s learning challenges such as spelling, reading, comprehension, composition, numbers and mathematical concepts, writing, focusing and even short term memory in learning. The program feature a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio that ensures individual attention and care for every student.



Program also introduces the use of MyLexic, a 10 modules book set and software, developed by Puan Sariah Amirin to address and assist dyslexics to master the arts of reading, like any normal child. This MyLexic have received a Silver award “Diplome” from Salon International Inventions in Geneva in 2007 for Innovation in Learning for Dyslexic, and an ITEX Gold Medal from Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation also in 2007 for E-Learning for Disability: An Assistive Multimedia Coursewear for Dyslexics.



The program consist Modules for Basic Skills, Basic Writing Skills, Techniques of Educational Therapy, Therapy Tools, Teaching Materials and physical exercises for focusing, balancing, memory and to increase self-confidence.

Through a 3 to 9 months program, dyslexics are train and taught in how to overcome their difficulties, to cope with normal mainstream school teaching. Programs basically teaches dyslexics to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. This program prepares a dyslexic to be “School Readiness”.
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