Success of a Former Dyslexia Genius Student

Successful Former DG Students

Brother Ahnaf Fattah..a former student of DG Titiwangsa who has successfully overcome his weaknesses and mastered his strengths to succeed in the field of sports..congratulations brother Ahnaf…We management and Dyslexia Genius teachers are proud of Ahnaf’s achievements in learning and sports..keep up the commitment and training to continue to succeed…❤️
Thank you and congratulations also to the parents of Ahnaf’s sister for giving full support and always understanding their child’s needs…

Dyslexia Is Not A Barrier

Dyslexia is not an obstacle for someone to achieve is a difference in terms of receiving and processing learning..they have also proven that they can compete with other children and even internationally..
Excerpt from the words of Ahnaf’s parents..

Ahnaf Fattah Successfully Won 3rd Place in the FLY Event

Ahnaf Fattah managed to get 3rd place in the FLY 9-11 years old event in the International Open Taekwondo Championship Malaysia competition. 2022. This is Ahnaf’s first time participating in the competition and Ahnaf has managed to get 3rd place. There are 4 countries that have participated in the competition namely Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Australia. Although Ahnaf is a dyslexic child, I am proud that Ahnaf is able to venture into this field.

Ahnaf is an Athlete at The National School

Apart from this field, Ahnaf is also an athlete at the national school. He has won gold in the long jump and high jump and bronze in the 4×100 meters. Ahnaf is also one of the athletes who have been selected in sports at the sacred zone level.
Although ahnaf is not able to listen to verbal instructions. However, Ahnaf was able and successful in listening to instructions visually and practically, which led to his success in the field of sports.

Thank you

Terima kasih Dyslexia Genius Titiwangsa , Teacher Fauziah dan Teacher Ain kerana pernah mendidik Ahnaf Fattah..

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