Understanding with Yayasan Global Inovasi Edukasi Learning Centre (GIE) for Creating Dyslexia Awareness

31st October 2022
Alhamdulilah…Dyslexia Genius Malaysia in collaboration with Edu Consultan Indonesia, reached an understanding with Yayasan Global Inovasi Edukasi learning centre (GIE) for creating awareness, assessment, teachers training for learning difficulties as well as the usage of SPTBiD in schools in Jakarta.

GIE was represented by Head of the Yayasan Ibu Irine agreed that awareness of dyslexia need to be increased, as many parents and the general public are still not aware of what is dyslexia. And the need of SPTBiD program to help dyslexics cope with their difficulties is very crucial in helping more dyslexics in Indonesia.

“For Excellence in Education for the Dyslexic”
“If you can read this..Please help someone who can’t”

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