About the 2023 DGM Annual Sports Games

19th March 2023
UM Arena
University of Malaya

The 2023 DGM Annual Games are over, full of memories, full of competition, and sportsmanship.

The event started at 8.30am with a parade and opening performance full of creativity & color by all the participating contingents… a total of approximately 460 students from Titiwangsa, TTDI, Shah Alam, Puchong and Bandar Baru Nilai branches participated.

The tournament pledge was read with enthusiasm by Adik Muhammad Al-Farabi from the TTDI branch.

Words of welcome were delivered by Mrs. Bulan Ayu, Owner & Director of the DGM Program, and the opening speech & event was officiated by Mrs. Hajah Salmah Jopri, Director of the Department of Special Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The opening of the games was done by releasing a few symbolic pigeons to the dyslexic group to be able to fly freely and compete with others without limitations..
All participants compete in field events such as long jump and shot put.
Race events such as running 50M, 80M, 100M, 200M and 4x100M are contested.
Several sports events were also contested to test agility, coordination & balance, teamwork, and other moto skills of the competing students.

The students have proven that they are able to compete like other students, and some even show a much better performance.

The Titiwangsa branch was announced as the Overall Champion of Temasya by collecting 108 points. The Titiwangsa branch has also been selected as the best Parade & Opening Ceremony Champion..

Sister Muhammad Al-Farabi from the TTDI branch was awarded as the Sportsman and Sister Ayesha Rose also from the TTDI branch was selected as the Sportswoman of the tournament, each collecting 6 gold medals in individual and group events.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to the lucky ones..try again next year..don’t give up..continue the fight as they fight to return to mainstream schools like other students..

Thank you so much to all the parents who tirelessly give full support to the children and also support to all the programs run by DGM.

Thank you also to all 67 volunteers from UM Faculty of Education students, special needs students from Dika College and Methodist College students who tirelessly helped from early morning preparations until the end of the Games

Also not forgotten are the teachers and DGM staff who tirelessly trained the students, made preparations from the last few months until the day of the games..

DGM says thank you very much..

Towards Excellence in Education and Sports for Dyslexia


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