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SPTBiD is a finely-structured literacy program that provides organized instructions to dyslexics and monitoring of dyslexic students. The program also comes with manipulatives, activities and games to support what students are learning. SPTBiD aims to improve reading comprehension by stressing the importance of a multisensory approach. The method involves breaking students into smaller groups and levels (beginner, intermediate and advance), providing instruction in fundamental subjects such as reading, composition and spelling. The method uses a technique known as “attribute reading” to encourage student participation and employs teaching materials/teaching aid including stories and images, which are culturally responsive, as dyslexics are known to be very visually strong. In other words, SPTBiD uses a dyslexics strengths to overcome their weaknesses. A SPTBiD trained teachers uses teaching modules, repeated reading, and progress monitoring (with weekly progress reports), and this enable to promote fluency skills, improve vocabulary, and strengthen reading comprehension.

SPTBiD also stresses essential skills such as phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, and decoding. Students work in a small group of 5 to 6 students, and the program features innovative learning supports, such as teaching materials or teaching aids that best suited for a particular child or a group of student.



Launching of SPTBiD Program (Sariah Program & Teknik Bimbingan Intensif Disleksia) Malaysia in Indonesia

For more than 23 years of success in helping dyslexic people in Malaysia and all Dyslexia Genius Malaysia branches in overcoming learning difficulties, the SPTBiD Program will collaborate with Edu. Consultant Indonesia to help people with dyslexia in Indonesia. Launching of the SPTBiD Program and the Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in collaboration with D Genius Malaysia and Edu. Consultant Indonesia will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at the Green Building of Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten, Tangerang.

Seminar on Introduction to Dyslexia for parents of Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten and SDN Karawaci 5

On 12-13 April 2022, D Genius Malaysia held a Friendship Visit and an Introduction to Dyslexia Seminar for parents of Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten and Karawaci 5 Elementary School. This seminar was attended by the Head of the Tangerang City Education Office, Drs. H. Jamaluddin, M.Pd, District Education Coordinator. Karawaci Mr. Pahing, S.Pd, Superintendent of Kindergarten/SD Cluster 2 Kec. Karawaci Mrs. Hj. Renty Rianty, S.Pd, M.Si, Head of the Principal Working Group (K3S) Kec. Karawaci Mrs. N. Yanti Suryanti, S.Pd, Head of the UPT Education Unit at SDN Karawaci 5 Tangerang City Mrs. Nani Sumarni, S.Pd, M.M and her staff, Inclusion Coordinator of SDN Karawaci 5 Mrs. Sri Palupi Handayani, S.Pd, Mr / Mrs teacher Inclusive Education Organizing Schools (SPPI) throughout Tangerang City, as well as invited guests and other seminar participants.

Detect Dyslexia as Early as Possible with Screening Test at Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten

Detection of dyslexia in children as early as possible and determine the right place of therapy is very important. Because without the right therapy, they will continue to experience learning problems and as they get older these problems will only increase. They need guidance and support to deal with these problems.

Dissemination and Discussion on Dyslexia with the Indonesian National Commission for Disabilities

DGenius Malaysia is with Edu. Consultant Indonesia visited the Indonesian National Commission for Disabilities on Friday, April 15, 2022. Puan Bulan Ayu Program Director Dyslexia Genius Malaysia and Mr. Jaldeen Bin Mohd. Ali is the founder of DDaT and the Malaysian SPTBiD Program together with Dr. Debby Andriany, MM. founder of the LKM-Hilaris and Edu Education Foundation. Consultant Indonesia held a socialization about dyslexia and also introduced the SPTBiD Program to the Indonesian National Commission for Disabilities.


Teaching Materials

There are some sample of our teaching material, program's text and activity book that we use in SPTBid Program.

Other Programs

Available for Extra Charge or Additional Cost

An exercise program where a dyslexic is train to focusing, listen to instructions (as dyslexics are known to have problems to listen to “long” or multiple instruction), to follow the instructions and memory, and these exercises will stimulate their brain to be able to overcome their difficulties.

A program consisting fun learning exercise to enhance a dyslexic memory (as dyslexic have tendency to have short term memory).

A program developed specially to help/assist teenagers, school leavers, practical or on job training and young adults in coping with problems related to dyslexia and other specific learning disorders.

Students are assisted in coping with their difculties with their school’s syllabus and
prepare them for examinations. These students will also undergo counseling and
motivation session to help them to maintain a positive mental attitude and
condence level to achieve their true potential.

  • Students are assisted in their application to higher learning institutions such as certification classes, colleges and universities.
  • Students are assisted in coping with their difficulties with their subjects/studies and prepare them for examinations. These students will also undergo counseling and motivation session to help them to maintain a positive mental attitude and confidence level to achieve their true potential.
  • Provide practical training at the center as well as at DG partners for the subjects for job experience, which will help them in the ever challenging employment market.
  • Counseling and motivation session is also conducted with subjects to help them with maintaining a positive mental attitude and good self-confidence.
  • Subjects are issued a certificate upon completion of the program.

Young adults are assisted in understanding their difculties and problems in their workplace, at home, their daily life, as well as coping with the “real” world; society or community. They are helped through counseling session, which our counsellor will study their problems through creating rapport with the subject, offer advice and solutions for them to “move-forward” with their daily life. Motivation session are also conducted to help them with their condence level.

Training For Teachers

A complete and comprehensive training program will be provided for all SPTBiD users.

  1.  Will be trained in details on how to teach using the SPTBiD techniques, teaching techniques, brain stimulation exercise, confidence building, activities such as Arts and Music class
  2. The usage of the different SPTBiD modules – Kemahiran Asas, Basic Skills for English and the Program modules
  3. Training on how to create own teaching materials or aid from new raw materials or recycle material
  4. The usage of the different books specially written for students with learning issues
  5. The various levels of therapy classes
  6.  How to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP), which addresses the student difficulties
  7. To developed a Weekly and Quarterly Progress Report
  8.  How to conduct the quarterly examination to determine the student progress

Other Program Services Provided

  • SPTBiD Program Training Package
  • SPTBID Program extra services
  • SPTBiD Students Activity Participation – Concert, Sports Day, Arts & Craft Competition, Futsal Tournament, Camping

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