Detect Dyslexia as Early as Possible with Screening Test at Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten

D Genius and Edu Cooperation Program. Indonesian Consultant

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022 D Genius Malaysia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in cooperation with Edu. Consultant Indonesia and launched the SPTBiD Indonesia Program. Hilaris School Tangerang which is located at Perumnas 2, Jl. Empu Barada Raya No. 18, Bencongan Indah, Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang Regency, precisely in the Green Building of the Little Koala Montessori Kindergarten, has been designated as a Center in Indonesia to carry out all activities and services from the SPTBiD Program.

The Importance of Detecting Dyslexia in Children

Detection of dyslexia in children as early as possible and determine the right place of therapy is very important. Because without the right therapy, they will continue to experience learning problems and as they get older these problems will only increase. They need guidance and support to deal with these problems.

Screening Test, Assessment, and Therapy Class

With the stipulation of Hilaris School as the SPTBiD Center in Indonesia, that is in order to be able to help the problem of the dyslexia child. Hilaris School provides Screening Test and Assessment to detect dyslexia children. There are also appropriate therapy classes to guide dyslexia children in dealing with their problems which have been proven successful in helping dyslexic children in Malaysia for more than 23 years.

If your child shows symptoms of dyslexia, please contact us to run a test and confirm the problem by calling the following number 0857 2976 6482 (Ms. Yuni) or 0812 8643 9012 (Ms. Reni). To find out more information about dyslexia and the SPTBiD Program, please visit To see the learning therapy process of the SPTBiD Program which has been successfully carried out for more than 23 years in Malaysia, please visit And please visit if you need a free consultation about dyslexia in Indonesia.

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