Develop the Potential of Dyslexia Children to Become Successful with Experts in the Webinar “Coffee Talk on Dyslexia and Intervention Programs in Asean”

What is Dyslexia?

For parents, if you find your children have difficulty in learning, don’t immediately judge that he is stupid. This is because it could be difficult for the baby to learn because he has dyslexia.

For information, dyslexia is one of the most common forms of specific learning difficulties experienced by children, among the two other forms of specific learning difficulties. For example, dysgraphia (difficulty writing) and dyscalculia (difficulty in counting).

Dyslexia, like dyscalculia and dysgraphia occurs in individuals with normal intelligence potential, even many of whom have intelligence levels far above average.

Therefore, dyslexia is referred to as a specific learning disability because the learning difficulties it faces only occur in one or a few specific academic areas. For example the area of ​​reading, writing and counting.

So for parents, don’t be discouraged when your little one experiences this, Moms and Dads.

Strategies to Support the Learning of Dyslexic Children

There are several strategies that you, fathers, mothers, and teachers can do to support the learning of children with dyslexia, both at school and at home. One of them is using the SPTBiD learning program (Sariah, Intensive Dyslexia Guidance Engineering Program). This program has been used in Malaysia for more than 24 years and its success is highly trusted, this program has also been awarded a Silver Medal at the Geneve Salon International Des Invention Geneve, ITEX 2007 Gold Medal E-Learning for Disability International Invention, and received approval from the ministry Malaysian education.

Webinar Coffee Talk

Due to this problem, Dyslexia Genius again held a webinar for parents of Dyslexia Genius students in a casual conversation regarding the handling of dyslexia. The baby will become a successful person in the future.

The theme of this casual talk was “Cofffe Talk on Dyslexia and Intervation Programs in Asean” on Saturday (19/3/2022) at 14.00 WIB – 16.00 WIB.

The speakers are experts or dyslexia experts who have been in the field for a dozen years.

For example, Puan Sariah Amirin is the President of the Malaysian Dyslexia Association for the 1999-2022 period; Mr. Jaldeen Ali as Founder of DDaT & SPTBiD Early Intervation Program; Puan Bulan Ayu as Program Director of Dyslexia Genius Malaysia.

Apart from neighboring countries, experts from Indonesia were also present. Like, DR. Dante Rigmalia as Chief Commissioner of the National Commission for Disabilities for the period 2021-2026; DR. Debby Andriany as Founder of Hilaris School & Edu. Consultants; and Mrs. Lintang Asti who is a parent of a dyslexic child.

Then there were also experts from the Philippines. Among them, Mr. Rhey Mark E Presquito as SPED Teacher; and Ms. Vinz as SPED Teacher.

Virtual Arts Competition

In addition to casual talks, this event also held a Virtual Arts Competition for dyslexic children living in the Southeast Asia (ASEAN) region.

The competitions include, Drawing and Coloring, Painting, and Artistic Creation.

The competition activities will be held on Friday (18/3/2022) and Saturday (19/3/2022) from 10.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB.

This competition is intended for children aged 6-8 years, 9-11 years, and 12-15 years. The winners will be announced on Saturday afternoon during the Coffee Talk webinar.

Thank-you note

On the same occasion, the Management and staff of Dyslexia Genius expressed their highest appreciation to all parents who took the time on Saturday (19/3/2022) to attend the Webinar.

We also thank all parents for your understanding of your child’s predicament for your continued support for the Dyslexia Genius program and activities.

Dyslexia Diagnosis

Most importantly, early diagnosis as well as early recognition and proper treatment are the keys to developing your child’s potential and talents.

For parents out there, please visit our official website at for more information and about a program that has been used for over 24 years with positive and successful results in Malaysia.

Please visit for free consultation regarding dyslexia To find out about Bulan Ayu Dyslexia Community, please call +60 11-2835 1760 (Puan Bulan Ayu).

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