Yearly Refresher SPTBiD Program Training For Teachers

15th December to 17th December 2022
Dyslexia Genius Malaysia organized yearly refresher SPTBiD Training for teachers. training newly added teaching techniques to the SPTBiD Program, Teaching Material Workshop, Year-End Teachers Meeting, Treasure Hunt, BBQ Dinner and Karaoke Sessions for staff and teachers.

The 3 days session was attended by DGM Founder En Jaldeen, DGM Onwer & Program Pn Bulan, DGM Advisor Pn Sariah, Representative from Pusat Disleksia Sahabat Insani Dr Hajarul, Ms Silvi from Yayasan Global Genius Indonesia, and teachers from all centres using SPTBiD Program.
DGM would like to congratulate TC Powziah and Tc Sunthari who were presented Gold Award for their loyalty and long serving specialist teachers.

DGM also congratulate En Afif who will be graduating with Bachelors In Educational Psychology in early 2023, a degree program sponsored by DGM.

Congratulations to Tc Nani, Tc Yara, TC Erra and En Faiez who were selected to attend Certification in Teaching Teachiques from City College of Birmingham, London..all selected based on merit & commitment, were sponsored by DGM to undergo the Certification program.
These Degree and Certification Programs are part of DGM’s career advancement program for our management staff and teachers.

Congrats to Cik Nur Amirah for winning best team leader award, Teachers Team 2 for winning best teaching material and best overall achievement during the 3 day training course.

For Excellence In Education for the Dyslexics
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