A Dyslexic Can Acheived Their True Potential and Excel In Education Like Any Other Students

Congratulation to Dyslexia Genius Students

Congratulation Dyslexia Genius students who passed her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2021. After being diagnosed with Learning Disorder, their attended SPTBiD DG Youth Program educational therapy and 9 months of DG Exam Year Program with counseling & motivation session, their parents and our teaching team proud by achieving very good results in their SPM.

Thank You for Parents and Specialist Teacher

Thanking their parents for their support and in understanding their child’s difficulties in learning, and also for trusting DG SPTBiD program to help their child..it must be a proud moment for the parents..

Not forgetting a special thanks for our Specialist Senior Teacher Pn Sunthari for committment and support in helping the student to achieved their true potential.

We wish this student best of luck and success in her next level of education.

Contact Us for Helping Dyslexics

“Early diagnosis and the right intervention program is very important in helping dyslexics”

Do contact us if your child is having learning difficulties, as these results have shown that a dyslexic are able to obtained good results and able to learn normally like any other child.

For Excellence In Education for the Dyslexics

If You Can Read This..Please Help Someone Who Can’t

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