Liputan TV3 Malaysia at Dyslexia Genius

19th July 2022

Dyslexia Genius Malaysia were chosen by the Producers of TV3 “Hello Doctor” program, in TV3 quest to create dyslexia awareness and to showcase the SPTBiD program that has been used at all Dyslexia Genius centres and in the country for almost 24 years, to help dyslexics cope with their learning difficulties..

We are not talking about a cure but teaching and training dyslexics who to cope with their difficulties..and be at par wirh other students in mainstream schools and dont feel left out..

Crew film classroom activities, teaching techniques, outdoor stimulation exercises, interviewed DG Advisor Pn Sariah Amirin AMW PPN, DG Founder En Jaldeen Ali and DG Program Director Pn Bulan Ayu.

Thanking the producers and crew of TV3 Hello Doctor for their noble effort in raising awareness about what is dyslexia and intervention program in the the dyslexics are capable to achieve to their true potential..

Hoped this program on dyslexia and intervention program can be an eye opener for the public especially parents with children having slow progress in learning..

Airing on TV3 this Sunday 24th July at 5:30pm..dont miss it

Excellence in Education for the Dyslexics❤️

If you can read this..please help someone who can’t

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